United Corporate Preferred Plus


Your company’s outstanding relationship with United® comes with unparalleled extras from booking to landing, and everything in between. This industry-leading, multi-level benefits program is offered only to our very best and most loyal corporate customers.


Your United Corporate Preferred journey

You have been selected to participate in United Corporate Preferred Plus, our exclusive benefits program for business travelers, so you can enjoy the full range of premium travel perks on every eligible flight*.


Experience preferred treatment from standby status to boarding protection.


Enjoy tie-breaker preference on the upgrade list and preferred seat protection.


Receive preferred re-accommodation and protection when travel doesn't go as planned.



Waiting for an upgrade? You receive tie-breaker preference for upgrade clearance.

This benefit applies across United’s available upgrade tools and instruments.



Business end early? Get home sooner with higher priority on the standby list for an earlier same-day flight (same origin and destination).



Receive preference for your original seat assignment or type (like aisle, window, etc.) if there's an aircraft swap.



You’ll have higher priority for protection in the unlikely event of a downgrade or involuntary denied boarding situation.



Rest easy. We've got you covered with consideration for better re-accommodation outcomes if your flight is delayed or canceled.


How does United Corporate Preferred status act as a tie-breaker for standby and upgrades?

It’s simple: Your United Corporate Preferred status counts as a differentiator just like MileagePlus Premier® status or fare class. That means you will get priority for upgrades and standby over another traveler without United Corporate Preferred status, all else being equal.


Atlantic Joint Venture Corporate Preferred program

For select customers, we've extended some of your favorite Corporate Preferred benefits like preferred boarding to flights on Air Canada and Lufthansa Group airlines.

The Polygon app at work

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*See Terms and Conditions for eligibility requirements.

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